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Raised up in a junkyard, various state parks, campgrounds, truck stops, and eventually a favorite drug dealer's driveway, it was inevitable that CJ Carmike would turn out a little abnormal. The youngest of three kids, she spent her childhood on the road in a 280 sq. ft. decommissioned school bus. Chasing normal became a lifelong obsession, but cubicle life and a house in the suburbs keeping up with the Joneses didn't quite live up to her hopes and dreams. So she downsized and purged and reconnected to her roots, embracing the quirks that made her a mostly-lovable weirdo. 


CJ is now on a mission to share the life stories she's experienced and the lessons she's learned along the way as not just a storyteller, but as a storycoach. She hopes the advice and adventures presented on this blog entertain you, inspire you, and empower you to finally write your story, too.

She will be writing a bit about writing, living intentionally, and where life has taken her so far.

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